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27 September 2022: The Singapore Armed Forces Combat Service Support Command (CSSCOM) and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Singapore (CILTS) today signed a 4-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to forge a synergistic partnership through the sharing and exchange of information, skills, experience and resources.

The areas identified for collaboration include but are not limited to:

1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

2. Transport and Freight

3. Digitalisation efforts in Logistics

4. Sustainability

5. Professional Training, Education and Accreditation

CILTS Honorary Secretary Ivan Neo (left) and ME6 Lee Chau Chyun signing the MOU,

with (standing) CILTS Chairman Karmjit Singh (left) and Commander of CSSCOM BG Terry Tan

CILTS’ collaborative work with the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is not new. From 1995 to 2003, CILTS, jointly with the National University of Singapore, had been conducting CILT Logistics Management Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes for Army Logistics Officers.

Emphasising the importance for logisticians to remain adaptive, agile and resilient amidst the evolving global disruptions, Brigadier-General Terry Tan, Commander of CSSCOM shared, “It is imperative for logisticians to stay abreast of the latest trends and embrace upskilling, in order to remain future-ready. CILTS, as part of the leading, global professional body in the logistics and transport industry, brings valuable opportunities to CSSCOM to expand our domain knowledge and logistics-community networks. While learning from industry professionals, CSSCOM seek to bring value to the community through our operational experiences. With this partnership, we look forward to deepening our collaborative exchanges to learn, to cross-share, and also develop our people for the evolving operating landscape.”

Mr Karmjit Singh, Chairman of CILTS said: “We are very pleased to renew our partnership with the Singapore Armed Forces and contribute to its relentless efforts to continually improve the talent and capabilities of its manpower. CILTS, as Knowledge Partner, brings to the collaboration with CSSCOM synergy and networks with industry players, Government agencies and the academia to further advance the logistics training and professionalism of military logisticians.”

“In the current environment, exacerbated by the pandemic crisis, we are seeing sweeping changes in the operating landscape. Linear supply chains need to be revamped for future readiness of real-time, dynamic supply chains, with network connectivity across multiple supplies and customers. The emergence of technologies is enabling data-driven planning and execution, as well as optimisation of resources across supply chains. Supply Chain Resilience and Food Security are taking on greater prominence and impetus. Preparing our Singaporean Core workforce for these challenges will sharpen our global competitiveness and strengthen Singapore’s leading position as a Global Aviation and Transhipment Hub”, Mr Singh added.

The joint CILTS-CSSCOM press release can be downloaded from here.


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