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To promote professionalism in logistics and supply chain industry, CILTS offers a wide range of educational and training programmes for practitioners to upgrade their qualifications, knowledge and skill sets.

The Supply Chain Professional Development (SCPD) Programme is one of the first e-learning programmes in the world that provides a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way for logistics professionals (and other industry professionals) to upgrade their skills and knowledge.


The SCPD Programme comprises two levels, the Advanced Professional Certificate (four modules: SCPD05-08) and the Professional Certificate (four modules: SCPD01-04).  Each module takes about two to three weeks to complete.

The syllabus for the Advanced Professional Certificate level also addresses the curriculum for the Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) certification, which is exclusively awarded by CILTS.  CPL candidates taking the four advanced SCPD modules shall proceed to sit for the CPL examination upon meeting eligibility conditions of work experience and qualifications.  Successful candidates will be awarded the CPL certificate.

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SCPD 01 - 04




SCPD 05 - 08

Advanced Professional Certificate

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Professional Logistician

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A very interesting and valuable experience. I have gained a better understanding and knowledge of the new technology in smart logistics from this course. Highly recommended.

- Sarawut Jansuwan PhD, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand

As my role is responsible for the after-sales business in the company, the module shared some good ideas for me to establish the right KPIs in our service methodology to monitor and measure our service quality. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to have a quick overview of this industry!

- Michael Chin, SSI Schaefer, Singapore


A really fruitful and informative platform to provide you with what today's Supply Chain and Logistics are doing in the market. 

- Ronald Ng, Contract Logistics Director, GEODIS


As the programme covers a wide spectrum of topics, I am able to see the bigger picture better than before. It allows me to apply what I have learned in my job, and at times, gives me an option to approach my work differently. 

- Heline Heng, PSB Academy student, Singapore

Skills I have acquired from the course have helped me to resolve daily operational issues and increase my customers’ satisfaction. I am confident that the knowledge and skills learnt will allow me to excel in my career in the logistics industry.

- Joel Yeo, CILTS/Temasek Polytechnic SCPD Programme

I learned a lot from the modern content, which has videos and easy to understand explanations on technologies and trend of Industry 4.0, Digitalisation of Supply Chains and E-logistics.

- Jitsupa Onnum, MBA student, NIDA, Thailand

It is a great opportunity taking the online course during this work-from-home period. It opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of supply chain management from a holistic view.

- Thu Zar Aye Myat, Regional Sales Support, GEODIS