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Individual Membership

Recognition, Role & Membership of CILTS

The efficient movement of people and goods in Singapore affects the quality of life, the functioning of trade, the economy, and numerous essential services. It is important that all those involved in the planning, operation, and management of transport and physical distribution, industrial transport, and many connected activities such as logistics and supply chain management should be well-qualified. The same can be said of those whose contribution to transport lies in the areas of transport technology, education, research and allied activities.

Chartered Fellow (FCILT), Chartered Member (CMILT), and Member (MILT) of CILTS are widely recognized as the qualifications required for those involved in transport and logistics. Members of CILTS are on the boards of or hold management posts in most major transport undertakings. Membership of CILTS is encouraged by transport and logistics employers both in public and private sectors, who regard acceptance into CILTS as an important step in advancing their professional careers.

Chartered Fellows, Chartered Members, and Members are entitled to use the post-nominals FCILT, CMILT, and MILT respectively after their names. The use of CILT post-nominals not only signifies membership of a professional body that has worldwide representation, but it is also a mark of a very high standard of educational achievement and practical experience in the logistics and transport industry.

Benefits of CILTS Individual Membership

Professional Recognition

Membership grades of FCILT and CMILT mark the high standard of educational achievement and practical experience in the logistics and transport industry.

Educational Courses

Members will be able to upgrade their qualifications through certificates and courses organized by CILTS, Institutes of Higher Learning and other overseas universities.

Continuing Professional Development

Members get to participate in site visits such as PSA, SATS, SIA, distriparks, warehouses, logistics installations, etc. In addition, members enjoy special discounted rates for attending seminars and conferences organized by CILTS. Members will also be able to attend regular talks on transport and logistics-related topics by industry leaders.

Feedback to Government on Policies

Members are provided opportunities to contribute to government and industry on transport and logistics matters eg. motor vehicle repair standards study. In addition, they may be invited to participate in task forces to examine specific transport and logistics issues and publish findings in technical papers.

Access to CILTS Resources

Members will receive monthly newsletter and regular industry updates.

Networking Opportunities

Members will have opportunities to network with fellow logistics practitioners and share knowledge with one another during social events organised by CILTS. They will also be recognized by their employers.



Individual Membership Grades

Membership of CILTS consists of the following:

  • Chartered Fellow (FCILT)

  • Chartered Member (CMILT)

  • Member (MILT)

  • Affiliate

  • Student Affiliate


Membership Criteria

Chartered Member

Have completed education and training of a nature satisfactory to the Institute and have at least five years of working experience in a managerial capacity in transport and logistics management.


Have completed education and training of a nature satisfactory to the Institute and have at least three years of working experience in transport and logistics management.


Open to those who are interested in logistics and transport management but do not have the required qualifications or working experience to become a member of the Institute.

Student Affiliate

Open to those over 16 years old who are engaged in or intending to be engaged in logistics and transport management and have at least 5 GCE ‘O’ levels or equivalent qualifications approved by the Institute.

Professional Code of Conduct

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Singapore (CILTS) is a recognized Chartered Professional body, and its objectives are to enhance professionalism, promote continuous learning and facilitate career development amongst logistics and transport professionals. As individual members of CILTS, you can download the Code of Conduct for your observation.

Membership Subscription Rates

Subscription Rate
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