Save the World Webinar

xx January 2022 (Thu), 11am (SGT)

Together we’re shaping the future of logistics and transport


CILT Singapore hosts a panel of experts at this upcoming webinar that focuses on cutting-edge ideas in fleet management and how they help reduce the industry’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.  Come learn how fleet electrification is taking hold in Asia; how on-demand logistics is bringing efficiencies for shippers and fleets; and how on-board technologies are cutting down distances and time used for deliveries.


We will be discussing:

  • Singapore always tends to punch well above its weight.  This is especially true for logistics.  How can our leadership for aggressive electrification and digitisation of fleets contribute to a GREEN Singapore – and a GREEN World?

  • With Singapore's Green Plan 2030, targets for a  “green economy” will no doubt travel on the wheels of our logistical know-how.  What is required for transportation managers moving into the mid-2020s to ensure that all technological advances can be brought together to reduce overall emissions? 

  • Hear from DHL Express on their vehicle electrification journey in Asia Pacific.  How has it developed?  What has it taught them for moving forward?  

  • Hear from Haulio on their innovative platform for eliminating costly and carbon emitting empty backhauls.  Can IT platforms for transport services revolutionise Asian transportation?

  • Hear from SWAT Mobility, managing fleets with a next-generation transport management system can reduce dead miles and fuel consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions.


Key Takeaways 

  • Using digital platforms like Haulio improves economies of scale & reduces empty miles.


  • Digital platforms can offer one-stop for all container trucking needs with guaranteed fulfilment.

  • Improved planning through SWAT's logistics TMS can achieve 20-40% reduction in vehicles required or mileage driven (particularly in cases where planning is complex, with a myriad of vehicle/location restrictions like height/weight etc).

  • Hours of route planning can be reduced to minutes when transport management systems are in place, allowing time to optimise other processes critical to lowering emissions.


  • Though difficult years ago, today, sourcing delivery EVs in Asia Pacific is relatively simple and is getting more competitive by the year.

  • Operationally the transition to EVs is not complicated but there are minor changes needed. 

  • The move to EVs allows your delivery teams to reexamine operational assumptions. 


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Jonathan Wood

Vice President

Renewable Aviation


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Karmjit Singh


CILT Singapore