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Save the World Webinar
11 November 2021 (Thu), 11am (SGT)

Together we’re shaping the future of logistics and transport

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CILT Singapore hosts a panel of experts at this upcoming webinar that focuses on cutting-edge ideas in fleet management and how they help reduce the industry’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.  Come learn how fleet electrification is taking hold in Asia; how on-demand logistics is bringing efficiencies for shippers and fleets; and how on-board technologies are cutting down distances and time used for deliveries.


We will be discussing:

  • Singapore always tends to punch well above its weight.  This is especially true for logistics.  How can our leadership for aggressive electrification and digitisation of fleets contribute to a GREEN Singapore – and a GREEN World?

  • With Singapore's Green Plan 2030, targets for a  “green economy” will no doubt travel on the wheels of our logistical know-how.  What is required for transportation managers moving into the mid-2020s to ensure that all technological advances can be brought together to reduce overall emissions? 

  • Hear from DHL Express on their vehicle electrification journey in Asia Pacific.  How has it developed?  What has it taught them for moving forward?  

  • Hear from Haulio on their innovative platform for eliminating costly and carbon emitting empty backhauls.  Can IT platforms for transport services revolutionise Asian transportation?

  • Hear from SWAT Mobility, managing fleets with a next-generation transport management system can reduce dead miles and fuel consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions.


Key Takeaways 

  • Using digital platforms like Haulio improves economies of scale & reduces empty miles.


  • Digital platforms can offer one-stop for all container trucking needs with guaranteed fulfilment.

  • Improved planning through SWAT's logistics TMS can achieve 20-40% reduction in vehicles required or mileage driven (particularly in cases where planning is complex, with a myriad of vehicle/location restrictions like height/weight etc).

  • Hours of route planning can be reduced to minutes when transport management systems are in place, allowing time to optimise other processes critical to lowering emissions.


  • Though difficult years ago, today, sourcing delivery EVs in Asia Pacific is relatively simple and is getting more competitive by the year.

  • Operationally the transition to EVs is not complicated but there are minor changes needed. 

  • The move to EVs allows your delivery teams to reexamine operational assumptions. 


Hassan Leghari.jpg

Hassan Raza Leghari

Vice President

Ground Operations APEC 

DHL Express Singapore

Hassan, as the Vice President of Ground Operations for APEC, is responsible for managing ground operations in over 35 countries in the APEC region.


Hassan is also responsible for Go-Green / Sustainability and Electrification of fleet in DHL Express APEC and pushing towards zero emission targets. He’s been with DHL for over 23 years.


Sebastian Shen

Co-Founder &

Chief Product Officer



As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Sebastian is responsible for constantly innovating Haulio’s UX experience and product roadmap, ensuring that the organisation delivers tremendous value for users towards its end vision. He is a Committee Member at the Supply Chain Management Chapter of the Singapore Computer Society, and member of the Singapore Transport Association Executive Committee.

Prior to joining Haulio, Sebastian was a consultant in a leading technology studio for three years.


Melanie Tan

Head of Logistics Product

SWAT Mobility

Melanie leads SWAT's efforts to build a next-generation logistics product leveraging SWAT's patented dynamic pooling and routing technology. She concurrently works on SWAT's transport product lines which are powering more efficient journeys in 6 markets across Asia viz. Singapore, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines.


Prior to joining SWAT, Melanie spent 9 years at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). Among her various roles, Melanie was based in the San Francisco bay area for several years as Regional Director where she worked with tech start-ups to partner and expand in Asia.

Tim Foote.jfif


Tim Foote



Tim runs Susymbio, a boutique consulting firm. He advises clients on e-commerce delivery solutions and provides sustainability programme management services. Tim worked in management positions at multiple MNCs for more than 25 years, gaining expansive expertise in logistical operations. 

As DHL eCommerce’s first Asia Pacific Head of Go Green, he put in place various programs, including carbon footprint management, sustainability training and illegal wildlife smuggling monitoring.

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