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WEBINAR: Use Storytelling to Bring Your 1-Page Strategy to Life

One of the most powerful tools to build support and commitment for your strategy is creating a 1-page summary. The success of your strategy is dependent on how well you communicate it. When combined with storytelling, it can play a key role in ensuring your strategy delivers maximum impact. Storytelling brings your strategy to life by making it relatable, engaging and memorable for the audience. 

Join this complimentary Gartner leadership webinar as a Gartner expert explores how storytelling can be used to structure and tailor your communication for different audiences to make your 1-page strategy even more effective. 

You will walk away from this session with answers to your vital questions, a copy of the research slides, and recommended actions to help you achieve your goals.

  • Discover the 4 simple steps to successfully create your own 1-page strategy

  • Learn how to use a three-part structure to design stories that are engaging and memorable

  • Understand how to maximize impact by using storytelling with a 1-page strategy

Boat on a Lake

28 Jun 2024

2:00 pm
3:00 pm
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