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WEBINAR: The Smart Factory @ Montreal - Believers Made Here

The competitive landscape has been evolving at an accelerated pace in recent years as economic fluctuations and global disruptions are significantly impacting distribution.   With inflation and interest rates at their highest levels in years, along with challenges in labor availability and reliability, it is anticipated that warehouse automation will play a key role for organizations to remain competitive.   

Please join us for an inside look at the latest warehouse technologies showcased at The Smart Factory @ Montreal where we will discuss how these innovations can help organizations adapt and thrive in the future.  


- Experience endless possibilities through demonstrations of the latest technologies in distribution and explore the art of the possible  

- Discuss the variables impacting distribution operations today and how technology can help mitigate the risks  

- Learn how to be a catalyst for automation and AI adoption by informing organizations about the advancements in smart operations  

- Help drive performance improvement in cost, quality, and safety across the warehouse operations

Boat on a Lake

8 Aug 2024

6:30 pm
7:30 pm
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