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WEBINAR: The Digital Era: The End of S&OP?

With modern supply chain planning technology, it is possible to continuously feed data back and forth between our planning solution and a variety of data sources enabling us to sense and evaluate the impact on our supply chain from different disruptions near real time. But what does this mean for our processes?   

This session will deep dive into the theme of continuous planning, the use cases and benefits, and how it will impact our processes.  In this session, led by Gartner experts Cristina Carvallo and Lusi Zheng, we will dive into what modern supply chain planning technology means for our processes including:  

  • Enabling more timely planning decision making  

  • Adapting planning processes to focus on outcomes  

  • Redesigning processes to make them fit for volatility

Boat on a Lake

27 Jun 2023

6:00 pm
7:00 pm
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