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WEBINAR: Supply Chain Enterprise Planning - Supply Chain Evolution in an Uncertain Environment

Global supply chain shifts and macro trends in the industry are creating opportunities to assess current operations and make strategic pivots, taking steps toward transformation to help prepare for future disruptions.   

The solution may be a matter of gaining access to more accurate and complete data, refining a process in the product lifecycle, or developing agile, platform-based systems that can handle common archetypes of planning, fulfillment, and order management scenarios.   

In a world of possible solutions that often point to the supply chain as a bottleneck, it's becoming increasingly important to look beyond the supply chain to identify innovative ways to evolve the workplace, anticipate and meet customers’ desires, and build a more profitable route-to-market.  

What you will learn from this webinar:  

  • Insights on how to anticipate and act on fast-evolving consumer needs  

  • Insights on how leading organizations can balance efficiency and resiliency leveraging digital transformation such as automation, visibility tools, and analytics  

  • Insights on how organization can advance product-driven supply chains through increased collaboration across the value chain / route-to-market

Boat on a Lake

29 Jun 2023

3:00 pm
4:00 pm
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