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WEBINAR: Smaller stations, big impact - Optimising airline operations

In this upcoming webinar, aviation experts from INFORM GmbH, a leading German software supplier, will discuss how airlines can enhance their day-to-day operations without the tedious task of manually monitoring each station for irregularities. 

Bernadette Schaefer and Michael Reinkober will share insights on innovative solutions for stands allocation, real-time adjustments, and conflict resolution. They will also discuss the challenges of frontline managers and how to offer better decision support while still leveraging their unique insights and expertise.

Joining them will be a seasoned representative from a major American airline, offering first-hand experiences and practical examples of industry challenges.

In this panel you will:

  • Learn about new strategies for stand and staff management and immediate conflict mitigation.

  • See how to streamline staff allocations and responsibilities without the need for constant back-office support

  • Experience how to enhance operational efficiency through advanced, predictive insights about potential disruptions.

  • Explore potential shifts in job roles and responsibilities to better manage operational demands.

The session will conclude with a live Q&A, allowing attendees to ask questions and gain further clarity on implementing these strategies within their operations.

Who should attend?

  • Airline professionals responsible for airport operations who seek to optimise site planning with comprehensive, yet straightforward approaches.

  • Ground handlers and airline managers aiming to improve operational flow through sophisticated decision support.

  • Decision-makers looking to increase efficiency and responsiveness in their segments of airport operations.

Boat on a Lake

27 Aug 2024

12:00 pm
1:00 pm
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