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WEBINAR: Say Goodbye to Supply Chain Woes With Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics' Best-in-Class Integrated Solution

Ongoing labor availability and inflation challenges continue to put growing pressures on supply chain and distribution frameworks. Retail and eCommerce businesses are strained to keep up with growing customer demands while managing the supply chain issues and keeping operational costs in control. Customers are demanding flexible and seamlessly integrated best of breed robotic automation solutions to address these challenges and deliver top-quality customer experiences.

Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics have partnered to deliver an innovative integrated solution that deploys end-to-end robotic automation solutions for retail and eCommerce customers looking to maximize their supply chain productivity and throughput while addressing growing labor shortages.

Register for their upcoming webinar to learn how this new solution can enable you to fully automate order fulfillment and obtain near immediate ROI as well as:

- Increase productivity with near 100% typical SKU coverage and 1.5-2X picking improvements

- Decrease labor requirements by 35-45% decrease in labor requirements vs manual

- Reduce space required for consolidation by 70-80%

Boat on a Lake

13 Apr 2023

6:00 pm
7:00 pm
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