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WEBINAR: Safeguarding Your Cargo in a Disrupted Supply Chain

Today's global supply chain is facing a new wave of destabilization, marked by a freight recession resulting in historically low rates. The persistent threat of global conflicts adds to the uncertainty. Moreover, logistics operations are undergoing a transformation, with an imminent surge in nearshoring and an upsurge in cross-border freight movement. Additionally, market upheavals, such as the bankruptcies of both small and large carriers and brokers, are causing shippers to grapple with uncertainty.  

These disruptions are taking a toll on profit margins, resulting in toxicity throughout the supply chain. Despite extremely low rates ,risk is becoming pervasive in a disheveled freight market—from alarming incidents like increased cargo theft and fraudulent practices by logistics providers to more subtle corner-cutting behaviors like truck drivers shutting off reefer units or taking on additional loads to reduce costs.  Fortunately, there’s a disinfectant to combat this toxicity: real-time, item-level shipment visibility. 

In this upcoming webinar, we will delve into the ripple effect of supply chain destabilization and how it magnifies risk in day-to-day freight operations. We will also showcase how adopting the right visibility technology can help you stay ahead of the curve and effectively minimize various risks by providing you with continuous knowledge of your cargo's exact location and condition.  

What you will take away:  

1. Understanding the comprehensive scope of increased risk in a destabilized supply chain market, ranging from cargo theft and cross-border security concerns to questionable cost-cutting measures employed by brokers and carriers.  

2. The importance of not only diversifying your carrier network, but also holding them accountable for their performance.  

3. How real-time shipment visibility can ensure business continuity and empower you to measure, monitor, and mitigate risk effectively.

Boat on a Lake

10 Oct 2023

3:00 pm
4:00 pm
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