Join Moovit for a webinar with our partner Ventura Bus Lines – Australia’s largest privately owned bus operator, and take a look at how the agency is keeping Australian public transport passengers connected and solving transit gaps with their flexible, personalised demand responsive service.

Ventura’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Sam Pierre-Humbert, will discuss why the agency decided to transform underperforming bus routes into the digitised demand responsive service, FlexiRide, and will highlight the service’s results and lessons learned.

Juan Carbonell, Moovit’s Head of Solutions in APAC, will dive into why high-quality mobility data is crucial in planning an on-demand service is critical in optimising service delivery and the added value of providing customers with a full multimodal, real-time trip planner apps that includes demand responsive services.

Hear directly from the team involved in this project to learn:

  • How demand responsive microtransit services can support cities’ and agencies’ ridership growth and provide a more data-driven, rider-centric mobility network to better serve customers’s evolving needs

  • Why agencies like Ventura are replacing Telebus and legacy DRT services with dynamic demand responsive services that leverage real-time data to automate dispatching and optimisation

  • What role demand responsive services can serve as cities and agencies build back post-COVID in order to efficiently meet the new demand levels

Boat on a Lake

8 Jun 2021

3:00 pm
4:00 pm