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WEBINAR: ProMat 2023 in Review - The Latest (and greatest) in Warehouse Tech

What will I see and hear?

In this epilogue to ProMat 2023, industry experts distill, discuss and deconstruct the latest in warehouse technology trends as seen at ProMat.

Gain insights, hear anecdotes and get a general assessment of the state of innovative warehouse software and hardware technology in 2023.

A timely refresher and review for supply chain professionals that attended and a practical overview for those who couldn't.

What will I learn?

Learn about new, emerging and popular warehouse technologies; get a practical assessment of these technologies, which includes potential for adoption, fit into the current distribution environment, viability and time horizon; outline next steps for supply chain professionals looking to embark on a transformation project within the next nine months.

Boat on a Lake

11 Apr 2023

3:00 pm
4:00 pm
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