The historically predictable supply chain no longer functions as it did in the past. Retailers and shippers must adapt their strategy to ensure they get the right product, to the right place at the right time to meet the high expectations of consumers/customers. Longer lead times, complex handoffs between logistics providers, data flow between disparate systems…requires a new way of thinking for efficient inventory moves from origin to the final customer efficiently. Even if you do everything perfectly, if you fail the final inch of the supply chain, you can lose a customer forever.

The holiday season is approaching faster than usual. The shopping season will be here before we know it.

That’s why retailers and other shippers are investing in and looking to master last mile delivery. Those that can turn delivery into a competitive advantage are winning market share and improving margins by continuing to meet their customer promise while staying strategic.

Join our webinar featuring retail, supply chain and ride-share experts and learn how with the right strategy, retailers can prepare for this holiday season and provide exceptional customer experiences.

What you will learn:
1) When should shippers and retailers start preparing for the holiday season?
2) What behaviors are triggering the continued supply chain chaos
3) How can you ensure you have the right inventory in the right place
4) How does last mile delivery factor into the overall holiday shopping season to meet customer demand?
5) How can the gig economy and ride-share companies support delivery needs in the midst of ongoing workforce shortages

Boat on a Lake

29 Jun 2022

2:00 pm
3:00 pm