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WEBINAR: Planning as a service – a sensible approach to save costs?

Join this webinar to see how optimized strategic and tactical planning can be made affordable at a lower effort. We discuss specific functionalities and who would benefit most.

While in the midst of a major recovery following the global pandemic’s lockdowns and massive flight groundings, the aviation industry is still dealing with its impacts. Widespread employee layoffs only intensified the pre-pandemic labour shortages across key positions. Airlines continue to struggle to maintain their flight schedules, especially as passenger demand surges. Labour strike actions, severe weather, natural disasters, and aircraft mechanical problems have made things even worse. Flight disruptions and cancellations have become rampant.

It does not take a global pandemic to introduce the unexpected, but the pandemic has clearly introduced a host of many shifting and unknown factors that need to be considered in advance and addressed promptly. In other words, a good planning is crucial, even for medium- and small-sized companies.

For this purpose, INFORM GmbH, a German software supplier, now offers its planning module GroundStar (GS) Planning for staff and equipment “as a Service” (PlaaS).

Find out how airports, airlines and ground handlers can be given the chance to do an optimized strategic and operational planning in an affordable and simplified way. Even more so, this is possible while concentrating at the same time on conveying the goals and analysing the generated strategic and operational analysis results. This means no time and manpower is needed for implementation, training and maintenance of a planning solution.

Key learning points:

  • Learn how you can you minimize staff shortages thanks to an out of the box software solution

  • Find out how optimized strategic and operational planning is made appropriate and accessible also for medium- and small-sized companies at the airport in a per-use basis.

  • Discover how to receive planning services without having to implement, install, and operate the software yourself.

  • Explore how you can concentrate on analysing the generated strategic and operational planning results without having to spend time in learning how to use the tools.

  • And last but not least, find out how operational plans are automatically based on the latest version and capabilities of a planning software solution.

Boat on a Lake

28 Feb 2023

1:00 pm
2:00 pm
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