WEBINAR: Modernizing EDI - The bottom line impact for 3PL’s and Logistics

EDI is the plumbing of today’s supply chain. EDI is used by 3PLs and Logistics providers to send and receive orders, load tenders, acknowledgements, location updates and other business transactions. Traditional EDI solutions have been costly, slow, error prone and require a lot of human intervention. For companies to be competitive they must be agile, they must be able to onboard new customers and partners quickly, they must be able to exchange information accurately, and they must have visibility and control of their data.

3PL and Logistics veterans Dave Broering, President Integrated Logistics at NFI Industries, Jim Bruckert, EDI Team Lead at KBX Technology Solutions and Erik Kiser, CEO and Founder of Orderful will have an open discussion with Supply Chain Brain on the impacts achieved from Modernizing their EDI infrastructure. You will get insights on their decision making process, the change management process and most importantly the long lasting benefits as they continue to scale their businesses

What you will learn:

1. The challenges with traditional EDI solutions

2. How Modern EDI Platforms are different

3. How Modernizing your EDI solutions can future proof your business

4. Bottom line impacts of having visibility and control of your EDI relationships and data

Boat on a Lake

11 Jan 2023

7:00 pm
8:00 pm