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WEBINAR: Maximize Resiliency in Your Supply Chain with Unified Solutions

We are in the midst of a real-time, seismic shift as consumers transform expectations of global supply and demand models. Come hear from Manhattan experts about its vision of building unified supply chains, the latest in the world of supply chain, how our transportation management solution drives efficiency and helps companies be more sustainable.   

Manhattan recently announced its redesigned yard management solution to work seamlessly with its industry leading warehouse and transportation management solutions on a single cloud native platform - completing the digital unification of distribution and logistics where they come together in the physical world. Our unified approach creates optimization opportunities that aren’t possible with traditional siloed systems.  

Join this webinar to hear about what businesses need to do to beat the industry’s challenges and get ahead of the game in the coming months.

Boat on a Lake

19 Oct 2023

3:00 pm
4:00 pm
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