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WEBINAR: Maximising Engineering Potential with Collaborative Design

Product development has become more and more complex in recent years. Shorter deadlines, increased requirements and regulations, and teams scattered across offices and time zones are just some of the factors that can make it difficult for engineers and designers to get their projects out into the world. Other elements such as lack of traceability, communication breakdowns and outdated documents increase error risks and limit the time that project stakeholders spend innovating.

But it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Collaborative design and concurrent engineering tools are helping teams from design to engineering, simulation and manufacturing to increase their efficiency. Having the capability to collaborate better, iterate early and work concurrently on always-up-to-date data is enabling designers and engineers to get their designs right from the start, accelerate design cycles and improve product quality.

Deep dive into collaborative design and concurrent engineering for better project development with our experts.

Learn all about:

  • Enhancing collective intelligence with better cross-discipline collaboration

  • Optimizing product development processes

  • Improving supply chain collaboration efficiency

  • Driving innovation with a cloud-based platform

  • Breaking down silos and cultural barriers to enhance business

Boat on a Lake

28 Aug 2024

2:00 am
3:15 am
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