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WEBINAR: Inventory Fitness - Governance, Targets and Segmentation

Without an inventory governance program, working capital will not align with your business aspirations.   Do any of these sound familiar to you:  · I need my working capital down now, · I need to be able to sustain that lower level, and · I can’t wait for a full-blown implementation of the Next Shiny Object.  

These requests for reduced working capital are very real, usually very urgent, often involve heavy tradeoffs, and always affect our careers. Do you want to learn how to do this in parallel? Attend this webinar.  

There are several key categories of inventory that can be reduced quickly. At the same time, performing some fundamental inventory analysis with guided policy changes will sustain your initial gains into long-term, root-cause improvement. Attack inventory directly with Oliver Wight in this fast-paced, concise webinar on Inventory Governance.  

Attend the webinar to:  

1. Discover how to move beyond math & working capital budgets.  

2. Understand how to quickly achieve the inventory levels you need through segmentation and targeting.    

3. Act to implement inventory governance to sustain those improvements.

Boat on a Lake

23 Jul 2024

6:00 pm
7:00 pm
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