The frictionless movement of people and goods across various modes of transport is utopian. However, the investment and technology required to make this a reality is substantial. The key to solving these challenges lies in the technology surrounding payments. While there is massive overlap with different vertices and sectors on this topic, during this webinar, speakers will focus on in-car payments and why original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are becoming so preoccupied with the need to leverage this technology.

This webinar will consider the security and encryption required to provide the necessary compliance and reassurance of in-car payments, as well as the necessity to link the driver’s digital device with the car in a secure manner to allow protected payments in the ecosystem. Once this relationship between the digital device and the software within the car has been established, discussion will take place as to how this can be transferred across other mediums. Dialogue around capitalising on the ‘thumbprint’ of the digital device to move seamlessly from one mode of transport payment to another will be considered, reviewing the pros and cons of such a direction.

The debate will establish that, fundamentally, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) does not require a change in behaviour – people will still drive a car, then catch a train and, finally, hail a taxi. However, MaaS looks to make this a seamless experience. This means digitally providing ideal travel solutions and paying for them in a smooth, uninterrupted manner. The digital investment is, therefore, considerable. However, the payments module monetises the connectivity required, enabling investment to be made by various providers. MaaS will never become a reality unless players in the ecosystem can see an economic benefit. Payments provides that imperative.

Boat on a Lake

9 Jun 2022

2:00 pm
3:00 pm