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WEBINAR: Harnessing the potential of alternative power in public transport

Join this exclusive webinar, brought to you by Intelligent Transport, to gain insight into the transformative shift in public transport power sources. Industry experts will discuss the adoption of alternative power solutions and the challenges faced in implementation, and will share their key learnings from their own experiences, providing valuable perspectives on sustainable mobility and successful integration of diverse technologies in reducing environmental impact.

Public transport is undergoing a transformative shift in power sources, with a rising adoption of alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG). Electric buses and hydrogen fuel cell technology are gaining traction, driven by environmental concerns and advancements in technology. Simultaneously, CNG-powered buses provide a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels whilst requiring fewer infrastructure and operational changes. This diverse approach reflects a commitment to sustainable mobility, with operators globally exploring a mix of technologies to reduce environmental impact in public transportation.

But, despite the progress that has been made, the industry faces many challenges in the process of adoption, including high initial costs, limited infrastructure and range anxiety, amongst others. Additionally, standardising technologies like hydrogen fuel cells poses hurdles. Overcoming these obstacles requires significant investment, collaborative efforts and technological advancements to make alternative power more accessible and practical.

Join us for this webinar, brought to you exclusively by Intelligent Transport, during which our speakers will share their experience in introducing various forms of alternative power into existing operations; discuss what challenges they faced and how they overcame them; share their key learnings from adoption and consider how they would have done things differently in retrospect; and provide insight into the success of their new fleets post-implementation.

Boat on a Lake

28 Mar 2024

2:00 pm
3:00 pm
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