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WEBINAR: Business impact of Digital Twins

A variety of Digital Twins are being created and leveraged across industries to improve business performance.  Connect with two senior Deloitte Consulting leaders that have been helping their clients in this area for many years to learn more about the various types and uses of Digital Twins and the business impact they can have across an enterprise.   

Digital twins are powerful tools that help companies to "shift left"  by simulating / evolving product and manufacturing designs virtually before executing in the physical world.    Additional applications include modeling of networks, asset tracking, and evaluating complex scenarios such as discrete event simulation.  

What you will learn:  

- Understand the different Digital Twins that companies are using and how Digital Threads support this  

- Explore the core components of a Digital Twin including data, 3D assets, visual fidelity, and integration with AI solutions, including Generative  

- Review how digital twins can improve a range of business outcomes (sales, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, product support / customer service)  

- Learn the steps to analyze how to best to leverage digital twins, including overall Digital Twin strategy, use case development, and value capture

Boat on a Lake

12 Jun 2024

6:00 pm
7:00 pm
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