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WEBINAR: Building predictive supply chains through incremental gains

Supply chain businesses operate on fine margins. And while we all know that remaining competitive requires continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology, like real-time supply chain visibility and predictive ETAs, implementing these changes can be challenging, especially when dealing with limited resources.

With an incremental investment approach, linked to a clear implementation roadmap, companies can break down big challenges into manageable bite-sized pieces. Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how HERE can help you develop a roadmap that builds upon your existing IT infrastructure to drive efficiency gains and meet strategic company objectives over time.

In this webinar, industry leaders from HERE and AWS we’ll share:

• Why having a solid vision and clear implementation roadmap is vital for success

• How understanding the end-to-end workflow can help you identify projects that deliver performance improvements

• Key factors to consider when prioritizing projects for enhanced end-to-end supply chain performance

• The integral role of location intelligence and fleet management in achieving incremental gains

• How delivering incremental gains can improve overall supply chain performance

Boat on a Lake

12 Apr 2023

3:00 pm
4:00 pm
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