According to Peerless Research Group’s “2021Warehouse and Distribution Center (DC) Equipment Survey,” the need to manage high-velocity operations with limited labor resources while meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers is driving more companies than ever to consider automation solutions to help solve their most pressing fulfillment problems—and they’re getting more adventurous in the type of solution they’re considering.

Customer demands were already fickle enough before the pandemic came along. Automation that helped solve the most pressing fulfillment problems 18 months ago is now poised for mass adoption. Automated storage, voice-directed picking, conveyor-based picking, mobile robots, unit sortation and the software to orchestrate them will play a vital role in helping operations manage disruption, support current and future employees, and preserve service levels during the recovery and for many years after.

However, finding the right automation for the application demands thoughtful, up-front consideration, though time is of the essence. In this session, our speaker offers an overview of the automated solutions transforming warehouse/DC operations; explores how automation can best be applied; and offers a roadmap for how operations managers can create a plan to make sure the investment is on target.

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of:

  • The broad array of warehouse/DC automation available

  • When and where to apply automation vs. conventional solutions.

  • The steps to take to assess your operation’s specific automation need

Boat on a Lake

9 Dec 2021

5:30 pm
6:30 pm