Find out how you can make passenger journeys as seamless and accessible as possible in this informative webinar, as experts from VBB and Hacon discuss how transport can be made truly accessible to all, and identify common barriers to accessibility facing transport operators around the globe.

The first third of the webinar addresses the different dimensions of accessibility and social inclusion. Accessibility is often discussed with a very narrow focus, emphasising specific issues, such as wheelchair-accessible stations or how to make departure boards more usable for the visually impaired.

However, the entire trip has to be barrier-free – accessibility does not just mean entry to the vehicle itself. Also, the understanding of who is dependent on accessible services is usually too narrow and not inclusive. This webinar will help paint a broader picture of what it means to create transport offerings that are accessible to everyone, thanks to assistive tools across the entire passenger journey.

The second part of the webinar will take a look at a typical passenger journey and identify any potential obstacles and ways in which they can be overcome.

Finally, the webinar will take a closer look at what transport organisations have already done to optimise the accessibility of their services. Alexander Pilz, Head of Passenger Information at VBB (Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg) will share his experiences and learnings on implementing accessibility measures. Aside from discussing the current status of VBB’s work in this area, he will also talk about the underlying vision of the authority and planned measures for the next few years.

Boat on a Lake

26 May 2021

1:00 pm
2:00 pm