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WEBINAR: A Circular Economy

Our guest will discuss the latest regulation updates on circular economy, and how these changes are shaping decisions on how brands are trying to achieve their environmental targets. through visibility and real time data for decision making.   Instead of continuing the status quo, organizations will be able to redefine their understanding of what is possible and look for paths towards a more sustainable future.  

Takeaways from this webinar:  

1. Circularity is happening and how to prepare for it.  

2. What regulation is affecting the current state and future state.  

3. Don’t know where to start? How to partner with a company that does.  

4. Why is this happening and what forces are driving it (within an organization).  

5. What is so important about it (why you must be prepared as an organization for it).  

6. Compliance on: 

a. Transparency (benefits of being compliant) 

b. Doing the right thing 

c. Financially rewarding if done correctly  

7. How to trace and calculate and analyze data to make sure things are going the right direction

Boat on a Lake

25 Jul 2024

3:00 pm
4:00 pm
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