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WEBINAR: 3 B2B Integration Use Cases You Will See in 2024

Your supply chain is predictably unpredictable, especially when it comes to integration.  As your trading partner’s expectations continue to rise, and more applications are added to your technology stack, it’s imperative to identify integration gaps within core revenue processes such as load tender-to-invoice or order-to-cash.  

Understanding these upcoming integration use cases and challenges will enable your organization to not only provide a better customer experience, but also give you a leg up on the competition.   

Join us to learn:   

- How to future proof your B2B integration strategy for 2024 and beyond   

- What applications you should add as extensions to your TMS  

- Where to look within your fulfillment and procurement process for areas that can be automated  

- How to improve customer relations through a stronger integration strategy

Boat on a Lake

14 Dec 2023

7:00 pm
8:00 pm
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