VIRTUAL SUMMIT: The rise of human-centric digital automation

Each year, Gartner analysts research the supply chains of hundreds of companies. Through this work, they note key trends that indicate what leaders are focusing on, where they’re investing time and effort, and then identify what’s enabling these leaders to accelerate their capabilities and further separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

This year, the Gartner team found that, in response to ongoing labor challenges, leading supply chain organizations are balancing investments in automation for the long-term with landing technologies in the near-term focused on reducing employee cognitive overload. These nearer-term technology decisions help prioritize time and focus attention to areas where people perform better than machines.

This year’s keynote address will define this “human-centric” digital automation trend and explain how supply chain leaders are recognizing the power and competitive differentiation of digital capabilities and prioritizing programs that train digital literacy and dexterity.

Our keynote speaker Mike Griswold from Gartner contends that crafting a digital talent strategy must be viewed through the lens of broader workforce trends, and educational and applied learning programs must enable employees to use data-driven analytics for more informed decision-making in their roles.

Attendees will better understand:

  • The definition of the human-centric digital automation trend

  • How supply chain leaders are putting these elements to work

  • The benefits of prioritizing programs that train digital literacy and dexterity

Boat on a Lake

8 Dec 2022

5:00 pm
6:00 pm