The ongoing crisis is making deep and sweeping changes to global and regional economies—some are going to be ephemeral, while others will be permanent. However, one trend, which has been underway in recent years, has been greatly accelerated: the reshaping of global supply chains.

As our Keynote speaker points out, global supply chains, already undergoing a process of churn and transformation due to the trade war, looked very different this past spring and summer from what they did a few years ago, and that caused rising concern among scholars of a post-trade war period of deglobalization.

However, instead of deglobalization, our speaker foresees a “decoupling” of global supply chains. Instead of having a worldwide network of interconnected supply chain nodes, we’ll see regionally concentrated supply chain networks—each connected with other regional supply chain networks through a decoupling point acting as a buffer that protects that regional supply chain network from demand shocks.

Attendees will better understand:

  • How the post-pandemic supply chain network will be different

  • Why global supply chains will need to be more customer-centric, cost resilient, and sustainable

  • How the global supply chain will ultimately be “reshaped”

Boat on a Lake

9 Dec 2021

4:00 pm
5:00 pm