The supply chains of the 21st century are characterized by an increasing heterogeneity of the goods to be transported. This is accompanied by growing complexity in the selection of the optimal transport service provider.  

In large companies, there is usually a variety of framework agreements for all situations: from courier services for urgently needed spare parts to containers that are to be shipped by sea freight, and everything as cost-sensitive as possible. In addition, parallel cost structures are often mapped in the various national companies or departments.  

This is where modern IT solutions with intuitive user interfaces come in, making freight cost information child's play even for non-logistics experts. As convenient as a consumer comparison portal, they can reliably obtain the latest freight rates and determine the optimal transport service provider.  

In this online seminar, we will show you how to avoid decentralized management of your freight rates and the advantages of digital rate card management:  

  • Reduce costs by avoiding transport prices on the spot market - Get a reliable overview of your currently valid tariffs 

  • Find the optimal freight rates according to price, transport duration or emissions and compare different transport modes 

  • Keep your freight rates up to date by updating them yourself In addition, we explain how central digital management of your freight rates provides the optimal basis for subsequent processes and supports you, for example, in tenders.  

Our experts will be available to answer your questions in the final Q&A session.

Boat on a Lake

11 May 2021

1:00 pm
2:00 pm