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COURSE: goCMP - Carbon Management Program

This is a 5-day, classroom-based programme conducted by the Centre of Innovation of Republic Polytechnic.  Course fees are payable, with SkillsFuture funding support.

For details on the course and dates, please register your interest at:


With the impending carbon tax that will be progressively increased to $50-$80 per kiloton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) by 2030 in Singapore, it will affect every companies’ operating margins and their strategic business directions.

Are you aware of how much Greenhouse Gas is your organization emitting? Are you able to come up with mitigation methods to reduce the amount of GHG emission?

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard provides requirements and guidance for companies that are preparing a corporate-level GHG emissions inventory. In this course, you will learn how to adopt the GHG Protocol Standard to be able to measure and account for the various scopes of carbon emission in your organization. Upon completion, you will have a better understanding of the sources of GHG based on the organizational and operational boundaries of your company, and come up with strategies to manage, monitor, and report on the organization’s carbon emissions. 

Enrol now to start your journey towards managing your organizational greenhouse gas emission and explore ways to reduce these carbon emissions.

Boat on a Lake

30 Dec 2024

4:00 pm
4:00 pm
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