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CILTS WEBINAR: Urban Logistics Freight Transport

Singapore has diligently maintained its reputation as one of the top and most efficient Air and Sea Hubs in the world, especially through the Covid era. And now as we emerge from the pandemic, we are seeing rapid volume and capacity ramp-up at Changi Airport and the container ports of Singapore, as well as cross-border trucking traffic connecting our ASEAN neighbours.

Many users accessing the port, airport, industrial/logistics parks and land borders are facing growing challenges with fleet rotations and deployment efficiency, on the back of limited manpower and equipment/vehicle availability.

The bottlenecks and chokepoints are not only affecting immediate stakeholders and users, but also impacting road-users in the adjacent areas and across the island.


  • Current practices and processes, challenges and opportunities

  • Best practices and solutions from inside and outside of Singapore

  • What business practitioners would like to seek as co-created solutions going forward

Boat on a Lake

15 Jun 2023

3:00 am
4:00 am
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